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Soragumi Top Star Ryoho Makaze is that detective Sherlock Holmes! Charlokian also must -see Takarazuka Revue “Sherlock Holmes -the Game Is Afoot!” (HOMINIS (Hominis))

In 2021, “Sherlock Holmes -the Game Is Afoot!”, Which was staged in Sora -gumi, is the first work of the story of Sherlock Holmes, a loved Sherlock Holmes, in Takarazuka. The work and production are Yamato Ikuta. As a child, I was so crazy about the world of Holmes, so it was a stage that made me feel particular about everywhere. [See the photo] Ryoho Makaze and Junhana Sherlock Holmes are played by Soragumi Top Star Ryoho Ryoho. “It’s an easy -going and eccentric talent, but there is some humanity, and once it becomes an incident, I get hooked like a child.” The character called Sherlock Holmes is expressed by the image of the image of the mature period as a top star. “Heaven is the Bank of the Red River”, which is set up in a popular manga, 크레이지슬롯 Kyoyu Abe in “Shirasagi Castle”, Yasunari Abe, the musical “Anastasia”, and now “HIGH & LOW-THE PREQUEL-“. Ryoho Makaze has played a wide variety of roles, such as Cobra. In 2023, it was announced that James Bond will be played in “Casino Royal -My Name is Bond”. You will surely be able to know the new side of this work. Watsun (Minato Sakuragi), known as Holmes’s partner, has a common sense in a genius game, and a sincere recorder of Holmes’ work. The good friendship with lover Mary (Tenya Minei) is also smiling. Scotland Yard’s Restless Inspector (Kazuki Sora) has a slightly tired intermediate manager. Characters familiar to the original series, such as Mrs. Hadosun (Haruhala), who cares for Holmes boarding house, and Holmes’ older brother Micloft (Rinjo Kira), who is active as a diplomat, appear one after another. When the curtain opens, it is drawn into London at the end of the 19th century, where disturbing air comes in. The first Holmes confront the “cut jack” case, which actually shook the London people. The assumption that Holmes would come across this case has attracted many people’s interests. And Irene Adler of Bohemia’s Uglae appears and tossed Holmes. Holmes, who is not interested in romance, is the only woman called “that woman (person)”. This is played by Junhana, the top daughter. It is also a fun of the Takarazuka version that the relationship between the two is drawn deeper. In the second half, it will turn into an international relationship between European countries. Speaking of the end of the 19th century, it is an era of imperialism in which Western countries have become bloody in colonial competition, and in a era when capitalism developed rapidly and highly highlighted the structure of capitalists and workers. 。 Among them, Professor Moriarti, the last incident of Holmes, appears as a presence of all the “struggle”. Moriarty, created by Taa Serika, is more terrifying with a beautiful appearance like a fallen angel rather than a devil. In the second half, even Queen Victoria (Seto Hanari) involved and developed into a large scale story. Sharo Kian (Sherlock Holmes’ enthusiastic fan) who watched this work must find a homeseta that has been prepared here and there and grin. However, those who are not will be able to touch the charm of “Holmes”, which is read after the Bible around the world. Sentence = Chiaki Nakamoto

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Darjeeling first flash “Caston Tea Garden” and Nepal First Flash “Mist Valley Tea Garden” are popular!

Return to drink different ways than usual.

Our president likes wine, so when I drank first flashdarinty with wine glass, it was really delicious!

Dargey linty is delicious even 바카라필승법 if you taste it with iced tea. In particular, Ice tea, which you enjoy with wine glass, can enjoy the refreshing scent together!

Please see this article for detailed introduction of Darjelinty.

Ice tea is commonly used for “on -thealox” method, but in the case of Darjirinty, it is recommended that you enjoy watering or iced tea made with boiling water concentration with a sharp taste.

[Recipe Summary] Is the watered tea an ant? Pear? “Advantages and disadvantages” -How to make delicious ~

“[Recipe summary] Is the watered tea an ant? Pear? “Advantages and Disadvantages” -How to make delicious “” Thank you very much for visiting the store every time. I’m very happy because you can say at the store, “I’m making ice tea!” Easy and delicious ice cream …

Wine glass is also interesting because the scent stands differ depending on the shape.

・ Taste that wraps around

In Redel’s wine glass, the scent is wrapped in the brown solution, and you can enjoy a delicate taste.

・ Ready scent

Baccarat Arkur feels a linear tea dynamism.

・ Fruity scent

Baccarat Massena and others can feel the taste of fruity tea.

The gentle and gentle flavor that is not a linear astringency flows slowly and a tranquil time.

Darjeeling season tea can be tasted in the store if you make a reservation for tasting.

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