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“Smartphone repair”

After coming to Tokyo for training, my smartphone screen was bugged and I sent it to repair last week.

In the first place, I just updated the main unit using docomo’s mobile phone compensation at the end of September last month, and it broke in less than a month, but when I asked the mobile phone compensation service, it would be repaired 14 days after updating. thing.

Well, I knew and understood that in advance, but how much refreshing products are broken too fast?

Rather 더존카지노 than being broken, you have to doubt that you have been shipped after inspection.

I consulted with the reception of the mobile phone compensation service, but I just complained that the 14 -day rules were issued and there was no sign of breaking, so “it is not compensated as repairing the defective product as a clause.” , I brought it to a docomo shop in Tokyo.

Let’s say that docomo’s mobile phone compensation is scum.

The situation of failure is similar to the so -called Hulk phenomenon, which is expressed during smartphone use or when launching, and the screen becomes yellow and green lines and the whole green.

Even if I tried to shoot a squash to show it to docomo, I couldn’t shoot any problems on the display because the data was output without any problems.

However. It will be severe.

I didn’t have any options other than the repair, so for the time being, I sent it for repair, but it was a shame that the alternative machine was AQUOS’s shobo …

I’m using it now

Sony Xperia XZ3 released in 2018

Although it is a model with pros and cons in terms of reviews, if you use it, it is such a thing and it has been used to use it so far.

If you want to buy a new one now, it’s Galaxy instead of Xperia.

It is specifications or equipment.

If you have this, the conditions you think will be buying

○ Non -contact charging (Qi)

○ SD card slot

○ Video shooting function that does not fall due to heat

○ Plate display

○ Built -in memory (ROM) 250GB or more

On the contrary, what you don’t need

○ Earphone jack output terminal

○ Google calling dedicated physical button

○ Round shape display

○ High -spec shooting function that falls due to heat

○ In -camera in the display display area

○ The four corners of the display display area are round

○ Long display area (vertical length of Sony)

Etc., etc

All manufacturers have their pros and cons, and Sony Xperia 1 III is close to all -in, but I can’t find 150,000 yen.

I would like to expect from next spring model next year.

If you go, we will move to the Galaxy series.

Sony, I will ask! !

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