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“Peace 1 day”

I worked today, so I usually worked until 16:00

I was watching Korean Dora’s Justice until 2pm yesterday, so I thought I would sleep in the morning.

I don’t want to go to the slot until I take a break from work.

It’s not normal in my life so far, but 코인카지노 it’s normal

I have a desire to get it back, but even if I get it back, it’s Seki no Mountain

Shop and go home and dance with my son!

Sew in between and prepare rice

The dishes I cooked with the classil during the lunch break today

Radish bird Tsukuneyaki

potato salad

Peppers salted kelp

And miso soup with wakame and fried oil

My son doesn’t eat much meat, so trial and error

It’s growing somehow, so I’m sorry

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* * *

A week has passed since the Russian Putin administration invaded Ukraine. The Russian army continues to fight intensely in the capital, Kyiv. On the other hand, the international community has been strictly sanctioned, but Russia does not seem to flutter. According to Masaaki Sasaki, former director of Moscow Branch Bureau, a former Sankei Shimbun, Masaaki Sasaki, which can be said to be the “runaway” of Putin, has accumulated criticism magma that raises “Net” (NO).

However, in Russia, some criticism of the Putin administration had been raised before the invasion of Ukraine. In January of last year, Russian opposition leaders, Alexei Nawarinui, accused Putin’s “Palace,” a 140 billion rubles. The number of views of the video exceeded 100 million times, and criticism of Putin has gradually increased. Reissue the article at that time by journalist Ryo Kosaka (First appearing on February 1, 2021.

A video of the Putin Palace, posted on YouTube by a group of Russian opposition leaders, Alexei Nawarinui (44), has been a great response in Japan and abroad.

The number of videos is approaching the entire population of Russia (145 million)

President Putin

Nawarinui himself became a explanation, and was accused of being invested in the development of the Putin Palace 100 billion rubles (140 billion yen), and the number of views was 10 million in less than 10 days. It reached more than times. It is said that the gorgeous palace is prepared for a tatami -based training room in the gorgeous palace. There are also heliports, skating rinks, churches, and circular theaters on the premises. “Looking inside, President Russia is a mental illness.

The video is only in the Russian version, but the number of videos is approaching Russian population (145 million). There is no doubt that this speed will surpass it soon. Putin himself denied that the palace is not mine. On January 30, Putin’s companion Arkadi Rotenberg answered that he was “mine.” Nawarinui’s appeal ignited the Russian people’s anger 퍼스트카지노 fuse, suffering from the economic recession and the new Coronavirus. On January 31, the demonstration in the extreme cold reached the whole of Russia, and the participants shouted, “Putin is a thief,” and revealed the Cremlin’s protest against the Lord.

In fact, this is not the first time that the outline of Putin Palace has become bright. It has already been reported several times as a “southern project” in Russia, and each time involvement in Putin has been denied by the government.