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FF7 Experience the HD remastered version of the previous day.

“Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII -REUNION” scheduled to be released on December 13, 2022. The story depicting the day before “Final Fantasy 7” (FF7), which is called a masterpiece, is HD remastered. [Related images] This title, which has a beautiful movie, is positioned as a remastered work of the 바카라 action RPG “Crisiscore Final Fantasy 7” released on PSP (PlayStation Portable) in 2007. Not only the graphics, but also the 3D model of the character has been renewed, and all parts have evolved, such as arranging songs and full voices. What kind of play is it? A beginner who has never played Final Fantasy actually tried it. The trial time is 30 minutes. Play in PlayStation 5 (PS5) version. The first thing I felt after playing was the beauty of the video. The staff of the Square Enix booth supported me, but the staff said, “The PSP version was said to be beautiful at the beginning, but the graphics have evolved much more than that. If you play the PSP version, you will be surprised by the beauty. ” I have seen the PSP version of “Crysiscore Final Fantasy 7”, but the character curves are very smooth and all of them are vivid. The graphics are so beautiful that the author, who rarely plays the FF series, can see. The play range is from Fort Tambulin in Chapter 1 to the summoned beast ifrit. I’m very sorry that I can’t say “Oh, there!” There is just a good fish battle when turned. ” As we proceeded on the staff of the staff, an enemy suddenly appeared in nothing. I feel cute retro, like an old game. The movement of the character is not as slippery as a recent game, but the movement is cute. It seems that the production team’s commitment to keep the retro of the original. I was taught how to fight and recover in a small fish battle, so I went to a full -fledged battle. The first mission is to defeat a large enemy called Kongobo Thai and Kongobo Wu. When you are fighting, the movie suddenly flows and you are surprised. During the battle, the slot reel displayed in the upper right of the screen rotates, and it seems that various effects can be obtained, regardless of the patterns and numbers, and it is a coincidence of the protagonist Zach’s special moves due to the three things in 7. I was able to put it out. When I was impressed with it, I was able to recover and miss it, and I was hit by an enemy who was not so strong. The battle was powerful and the battle scene was very cool, but the movie was impressive. The movie is long, partly because the story is important. Because the video was beautiful, I looked at it as if watching a movie, so I just forgot the existence of the battle. In the last match, the staff destroyed the enemy without difficulty, thanks to the staff taught the effective magic. So the trial was over. FF fans will feel nostalgic because of the HD remastered version. On the other hand, the operability is different because the platforms to play have changed, so you should be able to play with new feelings. Also, by being HD remastered, I think that even new users who are used to recent games can enjoy it without any discomfort. “FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH”, a sequel to “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE”, will be released next winter, so even beginners of FF are looking forward to it. (Sento/Saki Yoshinari, Photo/Hiroshi Nakamura) * Nikkei Cross Lend is available on a special site related to Tokyo Game Show 2022. Please take a look.・ Nikkei Cross Trend “Tokyo Game Show 2022 Special Site” ・ Tokyo Game Show 2022 Official site

The new product that stands out in the self -made area of ​​the Bon season of “Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000WX” is the new AMD CPU “Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000WX” series. In the successor to the “Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3000WX” series that appeared in March 2021, the architecture switched from Zen 2 to Zen 3, but the socket shape is the same Socket SWRX8. The lineup is as follows. [Photo] 4TB SSD arrived

The top “5995WX” is 1036,000 yen, but the yen has not yet arrived, and the top “5995WX” is over 1 million yen. However, there were no shops that were at the top on the weekend. “5975WX” and “5965WX” are very small. A certain shop says, “It has been around since March for built -in, but the distribution volume for single items seems to be considerably limited in the first place. rice field. A compatible motherboard has also appeared at the same time as the 5000WX series. The ASROCK E-ATX model “WRX80 Creator” is around 165,000 yen (including tax, same as hereafter). Equipped with 7 PCIe 4.0 x16 slots, M.2 slots connected to PCIe GEN 4 X4 and two Thunderbolt 4 terminals each. In addition, it is also equipped with U.2 (PCIe Gen 3 X4) port, dual wired LAN (10GBE compatible), Wi-Fi 6e + Bluetooth chips made by Intel. The arrived PC SHOP arc said, “It’s a genre that chooses a lot, but there are some people who are paying attention.”

In the debut PC case, the MicroAtx / mini-ITX case has appeared in multiple small cases from Fractal Design from Fractal Design. A model that belongs to the “Define 7” series that emphasizes quietness and “MESHIFY 2”, which emphasizes breathability, “Define 7 Mini”, “Meshify 2 Mini”, “Define 7 Nano”, “Define 7 Nano”, “Define 7 Nano”, “Define 7 Nano”, “Define 7 Nano”. MESHIFY 2 nano “is”. Most of them are “TG” models with reinforced glass on the left side, but the Define 7 series also has “Define 7 Mini Solid” and “Define 7 Nano Solid” that adopt a metal panel with a sound absorbing sheet. The price is less than 21,000 yen for “Define 7 Mini Solid” and “MESHIFY 2 Mini TG”, and “Define 7 Nano Solid” and “MESHIFY 2 Nano TG” are around 18,500 yen. Both series adopt an open layout design that can remove the left and right, front, and top panels and frames, and the chassis is common in nano and mini. All 현금바둑이게임 models can equip ATX power up to about 165mm depth, and can fix the radiator up to 280 mm to the front. The extension slot is 4 slots for MINI and 2 slots for nano. The body size is Define 7 based, about 205 (width) x 399 (depth) x 406 (height) mm for mini, about 205 (width) x 399 (depth) x 361 (height) mm. “It is unique to set a ventilation panel that puts an airflow on the mother or graphics card on the front bottom. You can see the balance from compactness and expandability, so you can imagine the finished form. It seems that it can be selected. ”