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“Discarded little by little ♪”

Yuto Sunday


I did it.

I have a hobby of tableware

I was collecting various things

Little by little since the kitchen remodeling

I keep reducing it

For me

I reduced it a lot



Wedgewood that


Minton’s thing

I don’t make such a gorgeous dish

Customers can’t call anymore

The one I just have.

What was reduced this time

Swedish royal purveyor

That glass maker glass

Such a stylish drink

I will not put it out anymore

I don’t have the opportunity to put out

It sold for 30 yen per piece ♪

Originally, 6 people are tens of thousands of pieces

(I get it, of course)

If you don’t use it, it’s a junk.

There are no shelves to decorate.

By the 코인카지노 way, in a refreshing place

I’ll do my best today too.

Ride away from home at the age of 20, take a night bus at the age of 22, and go to Nishinari, Osaka. For four or five years, she changed jobs, mainly for day labor. She receives welfare in 2017, but stops receiving it in two months … She is still a homeless state, who is still a homeless state, and has 온라인바카라 repeatedly receiving day labor, exercising, and welfare. [Photo] Look at the photos of this article (2) What is Kacchan thinking and how she spends days? Here, Mr. Naka Nakagawa, who is working on interview activities for the vulnerable, excerpts a part of “Life, Homeless”, which summarizes her monologue. Introducing the real voice of men who are in poverty. (Read the first time in the second time/the second part) ◆◆◆ The beginning of worker life, she went to Osaka by night bus in February or March 2001. She had no planning and had no money to rent a room, but because she went to thirteen, she thought, “I’ll do something good.” He felt like a flag in Osaka. Well, there was no vision, so I slammed again to increase the money and live again. He lost his last work in Tokushima and walked, “What do you do?” I didn’t know why, but I went south. Walk to Nishinari and say “Where is this?” And the labor center in front of Shin -Imamiya Station (Labor Center is the “Airin Labor and Welfare Center” in the building of Airin General Center, and Nishinari, Osaka City. A “approaching place” where day laborers and recruiters seek jobs in the Airin district of Japan’s largest day -to -day worker in the ward [Kagasaki]. It is also a resting area for those who have been in the work. Built in 1970. In 2019, we arrived at the vulnerable earthquake resistance). “If you don’t go, will you come if you don’t come?” When I wore Hijikata’s work, I didn’t know anything at that time, but I wore a safety belt or a craftsman wearing, or a helmet. I had never seen it, so it was like “What is this?” I wrote “Labor Center (Airin Labor Public Employment Security Office)” on the building, but I didn’t know what it was.